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How we can help you

If you are thinking about selling up and going into a retirement village or a nursing home we can help you work through contracts and agreements and the options offered to you.

If you are planning to move into a granny flat (life interest) and you wish to give money or property to a family member to help with this plan, we will help you understand the policies the Australian Taxation Office and Centrelink have in place for people who are thinking about taking this step.

We will also help you draft the agreement you should have with that person to protect your interest.

We will also help you if you have problems with Centrelink regarding your pension and other entitlements.

We can help if you are being harassed or bullied by family members to make decisions you do not wish to make or are not ready to make about your money, property or personal matters. 

We can help If the people you trust to care for you are threatening you, making you fearful or anxious or physically abusing you.

We can help when older people and/or their families do not want ‘to make a fuss’ by reporting what constitutes elder abuse when a trusted person (family member or carer) is behaving unlawfully.