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Problems with Goods and Services

The Australian Consumer Law states that you have the right to a repair, refund or replacement if something you bought does not do what you expected it to do or the sales’ person or the manufacturer in the advertisements told you it would do.

Contract law sets out the responsibilities and obligations people have when they sign a contract for whatever purpose. We help people when things go wrong with contracts.

Most business transactions be they for goods or services such as the purchase of a television or car, mechanical repairs, or home renovations, for example are underpinned by the principles of contract law.

The law states that you have a right to cancel a service, such as a household repair or renovation under certain conditions if what was agreed to be done was not done.

Whether you are making a claim about what you have bought or the work that was done for you or by you, you need to keep in mind that conditions do apply.

Sometimes you may not be successful with your claim. For example, you might want the item replaced but the responsibility the manufacturer (or store has) has to you might only be to repair the item or the job you hired someone to do could not be finished because something happened that was outside everyone’s control.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website is a helpful resource.