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Professional Fees

Our Professional Fees are what we charge for the professional work we do for you. We may charge for a first meeting or set a fixed fee if you ask us to draft your will or a power of attorney, for example. 

We will give you a written summary of our discussion and our advice immediately after our first meeting.

Our professional fee for our first meeting with you is usually $155.00. We do not charge GST. $155.00 may be all you need to pay because we hope the advice we give you will help you take the steps you need to take to resolve the matter yourself.

If you ask us to continue to help you with your matter we will let you know in writing what we will be doing for you. We will give you an estimate of our professional fees and other costs. We will ask you to sign an agreement about what we will do for you and what our fee and other costs will be before we start work.

These are other examples of our professional fees: (Please note - we do not charge GST)

If we prepare a simple will where you leave all that you own to your partner and/or adult children:

If we prepare a simple will for a couple:

fixed fee - $350.00

Total fixed fee - $580.00  (i.e. $290.00 each)

If you have children and you want to set up a trust for them in your will.

If we prepare a will for each member of a couple to set up a trust. 

fixed fee - $500.00

Total fixed fee - $800.00 (i.e. $400.00 each)

Power of Attorney: If we prepare a document that outlines what you want to happen if you can’t manage your own affairs and you want someone else to do those things for you.

If we prepare Power of Attorney documents for a couple

fixed fee - $250.00

fixed fee - $400.00 (i.e $200.00 each)

Binding Financial Agreement


Probate or Letters of Administration $1500.00-$2500.00
If we write a letter, arrange and attend a meeting or negotiate a settlement or prepare documents for court or tribunal hearings our professional fee is: $350 per hour or part thereof.
If we represent you in court or in a tribunal.

$350.00 per hour or part thereof.

Before we start work we will ask you to agree in writing to pay either our fixed fee or the estimate of the cost of the work to be done. You will be told in advance if the estimate changes as work progresses.

Usually, you will only have to pay us when we have finished your work although sometimes, as agreed by you we may send you an invoice while the work is in progress.

When you sign the agreement you will  become our client and the obligations of a client/solicitor relationship will begin.

When we have finished our work for you we will send you an invoice containing all the information about our professional fees, expenses and other costs relating to your matter. 

Barrister’s/Counsel's Fee

If your matter leads us into a complex area of the law or to a trial and additional expertise is needed to assist you, you may decide you need the advice of a barrister. We will ask the barrister to quote for his or her work. You will decide if you want the barrister to go ahead and, if you do, you will need to agree in writing that you will pay the barrister’s fees and costs when the matter has finished. The barrister can't start work until we have that agreement. 

The barrister’s fees and costs are additional to our professional fees and costs.

Additional Expenses

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

These are the out-of-pocket expenses we have to pay when we are doing the work for you.  These include photocopying your documents or court documents, emails, envelopes (Express Post/Registered), faxes, stamps courier costs or phone calls to agencies or other people.

Off-Site Storage Fee for Wills

When a matter is finished our clients may give us written permission to send their Wills offsite for safekeeping for seven years in the first instance. Our clients are asked to agree in writing to pay the storage fee of $50.00 for Wills when we send them for safekeeping. After 7 years the cost is $5.50 payable to the storage facility for every year until the Will is collected.


There may also be other costs which are separate from our professional fees, out-of-pocket expenses and storage fees.

These costs include obtaining documents from other agencies such as the police, court transcripts, reports from medical centres, experts' fees, search fees and process servers' fees

Some costs are set down by the courts or tribunals:

There might be a cost to file a claim or lodge documents in a court or tribunal. For example, if you were applying to have an unfair dismissal claim heard by the Fair Work Commission the filing fee is $70.60.

If you were filing a claim in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) and the value of the claim was under $3,000.00, the filing fee would be $74.00. The filing fee would be $156.00 if the value of your claim was between $3,000.00 and $15,000.00. It would be $559.00 if the value of your claim was more than $15,000.00

Not all claims involve money. If you were asking ACAT to resolve a dispute between you and someone else, the filing fee is $72.00.

You would pay filing fee of $84.00 if you decided to take your matter to the Magistrates’ court.

You may also be required to pay a fee for the time the court takes to hear your matter. This could be $540 for a day’s hearing.

We will ask you to agree to pay our out-of-pocket expenses and costs before we start work.

We may be able to negotiate the PROFESSIONAL FEES you pay us but we cannot negotiate the DISBURSEMENTS or other COSTS relating to your matter.  HOWEVER, a court or tribunal may waive or reduce costs if you are struggling financially.