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JR Baker Law in Canberra offers legal support in civil matters including Probate, Wills, Power of Attorney; Tenancies, Contracts & Small Business.

We will meet with you to discuss your legal issues at our law firm in Canberra, we will review your case, and we will advise you. We pay careful attention to your needs and foster a close working relationship with you so you understand what is going on and what needs to be done, at all times.

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We are a cost-effective,Affordable, boutique lawyer located in Woden Canberra ACT, with an emphasis on Civil Litigation. We provide legal advice both in and out of the courtroom. We have a long history of successful court cases, and we have an equally long history of negotiating favourable settlements for our clients. Jan Baker is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer Canberra, paralegals, and law clerks. We utilize state of the art legal help know-how and we take pride in operating a cutting edge lawyer at our law firm Canberra lawyer.

Legal Support Wills

Affordabe, Efficient and Effective Solicitors for Wills & Power of Attorney. Meeting our clients expectations and delivering practical legal advice is a given. As a Canberra Solicitor we are committed to understanding your specific issues and creating legal solutions that go above and beyond your expectations as solicitors. We anticipate needs and provide attention to detail, and we do it in an environment that is trusted and personal. We take great pride in what we do and our clients turn to us because they know are the lawyer in the ACT to get the job done right.

How can a Lawyer in Canberra help you?

Before incurring significant legal fees, we evaluate your legal matter in canberra and assess the alternatives with a view to early resolution. Sometimes the best solution isn’t the most obvious. We pride ourselves on being out-of-the-box lawyers in canberra who find creative solutions for our clients help with legal problems ACT.

Family Law Canberra

If you are in the midst of a divorce or seperation and you require the services of a reliable, understanding family lawyer & Solicitor Canberra then we can highly recommend Legal i Riordan for your family legal needs.

JR Baker (Law)


Probate - Landlord/Tenant Disputes - Wills - Advanced Care Planning - Power of Attorney - Employment Issues - Problems with Goods and Services - Support for Older People and Students - Small Business Advice - General Legal Advice

(4/1 Bowes Place Woden/Phillip - by appointment: 0402 362 632)

Have a Legal Problem? JR Baker Law can help and support you FACE-TO-FACE and/or ONLINE.


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What You Can Expect


We have an office in WODEN (Level 4/1 Bowes Place) but we meet our clients wherever it suits them. This could be where they live, in a coffee shop or in our office (by appointment) or on-line.

We prefer to achieve a satisfactory solution to our clients’ legal problems through letters, meetings and/or mediation, alternative dispute resolution or settlement. If need be we represent our clients in court or in the ACT or in the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal.



If you have a legal problem OR question please ask us, it will cost you nothing to ask a question and if we can help we will!


“In the end …We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make” (Lewis Carroll)


Legal Practice Areas

JR Baker Law can advise and represent you in a number of practice areas including:


Landlord/Tenant Disputes

We can help you if you are in dispute with your tenants about their failure to pay the rent, their failure to pay utility bills, the damage they have done to your property or their refusal to leave your property when required...

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Probate/Wills/Advanced Care Planning/Power of Attorney

Everyone needs to make a will. A will makes it clear to everyone what you wish to happen to your property, your infant or adult dependent children, or to the money you have and to any of the other things you own...

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Young People and the Law

We can help parents and students if you believe the school has not exercised its duty of care with regard to your child or it has not followed the legal and policy frameworks that guide all aspects of school practice...

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Problems with Goods and Services

We can help if you have bought something that doesn’t work as you reasonably expected It would. You have hired a person to do work for you but the work isn’t as you agreed. You have been hired to do some work but your customer refuses to pay...

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Employment Problems

We can help you are unfairly treated, unfairly dismissed or  if your workplace becomes very difficult for you for all sorts of reasons and you believe you have to leave for your own welfare...

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Support for Older People

We can help you if you are thinking about selling up and going into a retirement village or a nursing home. We can help you work through contracts and agreements and the options offered to you...

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People we work with

Our Clients Are..


Employees and employers

We can help you if you are an employee or an employer and with meeting the responsibilities and duties outlined in the Fair Work Act (2009) and the Fair Work Regulations(2009).

young people legal issues lawyer canberra

Young people…

Who have legal problems arising from their study, work or interactions with other people. We can help in cases of assault & bullying, detention, suspension and expulsion.

law concerning retirement & elderly

Older people…

Who are thinking of moving to a retirement village or nursing home or living with family members, and/or older people who have run into difficulties in their retirement village, nursing home or with their families or carers.

landlord tenant legal issues canberra

Landlords or tenants…

We can help you if you are uncertain about your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and what you should expect of your tenants. We can help you If you are in dispute with your landlord or the property manager.


broken goods lawyer canberra

People who have bought goods…

That do not work or do not do the job they were bought for.

legal issues concerning goods and services

People who hired some-one

To do a particular job but the job has not been done as agreed, and people who have been hired  have done the work but have not been paid.

canberra law firm wills

People who want to prepare a will…

So there is no doubt about what they want to have happen to their property and other assets after death.

legal money & property matters canberra

People who want someone

To manage their financial affairs, personal matters and property when illness, accident or their age means they can no longer do these things for themselves.

Why Work With Us

We are honest and respectful…

We Listen

You can be assured that your story will be heard.


If we believe your legal problem can be solved by a community law centre or agency we will tell you before you pay us anything.


We will tell you what we know and understand about the law and what we believe the outcome of your matter might be.


We will give you an idea of what our work for you might cost before we start work.


We will always do what we say we will do. We want to help you solve your legal problems.


We are efficient. We will respond quickly to your emails and phone calls. We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of your matter.

We are effective because we do our best within the limits of the law to make sure the outcome is the best possible outcome we can achieve.

We are affordable because we will do all we can to help you resolve your matter yourself without needing further help from us. We are affordable because we are at the ‘small’ end of town so, while we offer an efficient and effective service, our overheads are low.